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Reminder - Club membership not required!

Please Remember: You do NOT have to be a member of Pioneer Sportsmen in order to participate in Pioneer IDPA program!

2017 Ruger "Live Free or Die" Stages

Time is drawing near for the 2017 Ruger "Live Free or Die" Championship Match!! Once again Pioneer Sportsmen, in Dunbarton, NH is PROUD to have Ruger Firearms as our title sponsor!! This will be one of the BEST LFoD sellout matches to date. This match will feature new moving targets produced by CaseyJ Targets and it will be a 205 min. round count!! Countless hours of construction & painting are underway to make you feel like you are really there!!
Stages can be viewed HERE:

We value the support of our sponsors and can't thank enough the following individuals and businesses for their continued support and recognition of the Action Shooting Sports!!
Blue Bullets
CompTacSig Sauer DeCot De-Lead
Ear Safety System Glock
Highlander Arms
Ibeji Head Mike Briggs
Smith & Wesson

Over the years Pioneer has provided the venue for such prestigious events such as the IDPA New England Championships and the New England Regional Steel Challenge Championships. These events have proven time and again to be the high point of summer season with participants attending from many different states and foreign countries. You will frequently see world-class shooters being hard pressed by some of our own club members and superb regional shooters, and you’ll get to see what proficiency with a pistol or revolver is all about. At the same time you will see all of our competitors adhering to the highest standards of safe gun handling, as opposed to the "Hollywood version" of gun handling.


At Pioneer Sportsmen we are proud to continue to host a very active Action Shooting program featuring monthly IDPA Matches held the 3rd Saturday of May through September (weather permitting). At each of our scheduled matches everyone is welcome, from the beginning shooter (who will benefit from our free "safety orientation session") to the experienced shooters from any of the handgun sports



In addition to our matches Pioneer has nationally recognized instructors on-site who regularly schedule a diverse range of classes offered to shooters when further levels of training are desired. Classes cover subjects such as NRA Basic Handgun familiarization, Introduction to IDPA, Steel Challenge, and low light/no light shooting techniques along with concealed carry styles and options. Our website contains links to both our instructor’s contact info along with information on how to get in touch with affordable and knowledgeable equipment providers.
For more information contact Discipline Chair - Jonathan Wolfe at pioneeridpa@gmail.com or 603-568-5356.
Recent match results are available  for download at the bottom of this page.


Pioneer Sportsmen is a member of the NRA.

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