About us:

Pioneer Sportsmen, Inc. is New Hampshire’s leading sport shooting and archery club. Each month, hundreds of people participate        in our many disciplines, including: bullseye, silhouette, air pistol/rifle, field archery, target archery, Steel Challenge, USPSA, IDPA, and Multigun.

Our youth programs including: Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD), and the 4H affiliated Crew 556 shooting team, are dedicated to safety and proficiency in each of their sports. Both have produced a number of young champions. 

Pioneer has also led the way in support of non-profit veteran organizations such as: Chaplains Emergency Relief Fund (CERF), Carry the Fallen, and Aiming for Zero. 

All of these activities are made possible by the generous support of the membership and the many volunteers who dedicate their time, which has become the hallmark of our club.


There are 5 outdoor pistol ranges, a 100 yard rifle range, outdoor archery courses, a clubhouse, a heated indoor year round 8 point 50 foot pistol range and a heated indoor year round 12 point 25 meter archery raPioneer Sportsmen Inc. is proud to host events including Bullseye Pistol, Practical Pistol & Rifle (IDPA, Shotgun, Practical Rifle/BUG, 3Gun), Metallic Silhouette and 3D Archery to name a few. Many of our matches and leagues are sanctioned by respective associations.

Driving Directions:

Get off of Interstate 89 at Exit 2, Clinton Street/State Highway 13. 

Make a left turn at the end of the exit ramp to proceed west on Clinton Street/State Highway 13.

Travel west for 3 1/2 miles until you see our large white sign with black lettering on the right. 

Turn right at the sign and you will see our facilities.