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Work in Progress


  • Booking with discount: welfare effects of (web) social aggregators (with A. Mantovani)

Public Economics

  • Itemised deductions: a device to reduce tax evasion - Draft
  • Optimal tax enforcement under prospect theory (with G. Trotin)
           Working Paper: IEB 2011-29
  • Prospect theory and tax evasion: a reconsideration of the Yitzhaki Puzzle (with M. Rablen) 
           Working Paper: IFS W13/25

Political Economy

(previously circulating under the title "Ethical voters and the demand for news")
  • Centralization and Accountability: Theory and 
  • Evidence from the Clean Air Act
  •  (with F. Boffa & G. Ponzetto)
Working Papers: IVIE AD 2013-03