Color Me Beautiful

    Hello, my name is Xenia and I am a makeup artist! If you enjoy the creativity of face painting or body art, then welcome to my site and hopefully you'll enjoy!   

I started to paint at Disney World, and then at Universal Studios.  I painted in those theme parks for four years.  Now I really like to paint at festivals and parties. I love fairs, and parties! I can perform at your birthday party, or any other type of events, you name it! Everywhere around Port Saint Lucie, & the treasure Coast area!  I can paint pretty much anything from; princesses to pirates, fairies to


 dragons, or monsters!
 Oh, and its not just for children, because I know a lot of adults that likes to get a job done on their faces, backs, arms and etc!  My goal is to bring real  magic to the party and bring more smiles to the kids of their family 
and friends.  It is really my pleasure to bring happiness, joy to children and older folks!Either you want to look scary, beautiful, or funny? be my guest ;p I can make it come true! If you want to know more about me, or have any questions of my service feel free to contact me !  407-683-4276 or xvsusy35@gmail.comxvsusy35@gmail.com                                                                                                                                        COLO