It is right that Philippine Television Industry is a pro at making happy, romantic and comedy movies and TV serials. But, Filipino Entertainment is also good at making movies that will make you weep the entire time. Some of these movies are based on heart breaking love stories, a family drama or a broken relationship of a mother and child. There is a list of these heart wrenching Filipino movies that you can watch; but the movies listed below are rated as the best ones.

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Let’s have a look at the best heart breaking and emotional Filipino movies that you can watch.

Anak (2000)

Anak was released on 10th May, 2000. Even though Anak is an old Philippine movie, it is rated as one of the best Filipino heart breaking movies.

Anak is a movie directed by Rory Quintos and it is a story on how a mother struggles to make her kids lives better.

Josie is a single mother of three children Carla, Michael and Daday. Josie lost her husband when she left Philippine to get a job in Hong Kong as a nanny for a wealthy couple. However, Josie continued to work and struggle for her children. But, when she returned home with a lot of gifts for her children from her salary; she was surprised to see that her precious family has fallen apart. Josie’s three children did not welcome her from open arms and always find ways to hurt her emotionally. After some time, Michael and Daday starts to get close to their mother and mends their relationship with each other. On the other hand, Carla never failed to disappoint her mother. She started doing drugs and started dating boys that she knew Josie would hate.

But, Josie is a mother and she does whatever she can to mend her relationship with her elder child, Carla.

Find out if Josie wins at getting Carla and their relationship back. This movie is purely based on a struggle and emotions of a single mother.

Madrasta (1996)

Madrasta is another Filipino movie that you will definitely cry while watching. This movie showcases the good side of a step mom and family dramas that she has to go through.

In Madrasta; a women Mariel marries Edward, who is a father of three children. Daniel’s first wife abandoned him for some reason. Mariel is a very loving woman and tries to win the love and affection of Daniel’s children; Rachael, Ryan and Lisa. The children are not ready to accept Mariel as their step mother.

Watch how Mariel tries over and over again to make the children realize the worth of a family.

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