Cebuano English Dictionary (28 June 2011)

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This dictionary contains entries that pertain to vulgar, indecent, profane, and other words not suitable for conservative users.
Entries may appear distasteful to the moralist.
The intention of including them in this dictionary is purely for information and educational purposes and without any malice.
EBP is updating the Book Version at least twice or thrice in a year (the latest was on 27 June 2011, see below)
EBP is not liable to any form of damages, directly or indirectly, due to the impropriety of usage of words or translations used in this dictionary.Distribute this for FREE.
 Vending a copy or any reproduction is not allowed nor permitted in any circumstance

You can share a copy of my dictionary to others for free, provided that:
  1. You give credit to Edgie Polistico or this site (Edgie Polistico's Cebuano-English Dictionary);
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Vending a copy of this dictionary or its reproduction is not permitted in any circumstance.

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