The Most Famous Philippine TV Series

The Philippine, no doubt produces the best content of TV series, dramas and movies. You will find yourself watching the same drama/ movie over and over again. Filipinos are pros at making movies and drama serials of every genre. It might be romance, comedy, horror or mystery; all of their produces are rated as the best and are watched all over the world.

As for the TV series, Philippine Television Industry has launched quite a few numbers of serial that you can watch on daily basis. You can of course watch the telecast; or you can also watch them online on. You can watch any of your missed Filipino show at Pinoy TV. It streams online Filipino content for free.

If you are looking for a good Philippine TV series, here is a list of some of the popular ones that you will love watching on Pinoy Channel.

Second Chances (2015)

Second Chances is a Filipino TV serial that was launched on 2015. Apart from the fact that Pinoy’s Second Chances is really a good TV serial that you can watch with your entire family; this serial also provides us a life lesson. The story is based on four different people; Lyra, Benard, Rebecca and Jerome. Life gave them a second chance to live again after they all have faced some major difficulties in life.

Find out how they all managed to live again happily, when they had the second chance.


  1. Jennlyn Mercado as Dra. Lyra
  2. Raymart Santiago as Bernald
  3. Camille Prats as Rebecca (Becky)
  4. Rafeal Rosell as Jerome.

Forevermore (2014)

Forevermore is another hit Filipino TV serial that was launched in 2014 and is still loved and watched by the people. You can enjoy this Philippine TV serial with your family by streaming it on the Pinoy TV.

As for the plot, this amazing TV serial story is based on a boy who is irresponsible and rich; meets a girl who is responsible, pretty and confident. They were destined to meet when Xander ruined the strawberry field of Agnes’s father. As a punishment, her father ordered Alexander to take care of their strawberry farm alongside Agnes. As time passes, they got to know each other and eventually fall in love. But, there is a twist in this love story that you will get to know later. Watch Forevermore on PinoyTambayan and get to know if Xander and Agnes will be together in the end.


  • Enrique Gill as Alexander
  • Liza Soberano as Agnes

She is dating the Gangster (2014)

She is dating the gangster is a Filipino TV serial that all teenagers will love watching. It is a comedy and romantic genre TV serial where two high school teens, Athena and Kenji fake their relationship to make one’s ex-girlfriend jealous. Over time, they actually started falling in love with each other.

You can watch this romantic comedy Filipino TV serial on Pinoy TV.