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Where to hide drugs? hum

Sandals: In a move that will make every principal, SRO and parent cringe, Reef has introduced the Dram- a sandal with a flask capable of holding three ounces of liquor, per sandal. No, I am not joking. In fact, Safe Harbor has purchased a pair at the local mall, Galleria.

The Dram, a common term for measuring one ounce of liquor, is the latest addition to Reef's line of flip flops. Last year Reef introduced a sandal with a bottle opener in the heel. The Dram is user friendly, coming with it's own church key, bottle opener and tiny funnel that can be attached to one's key chain. The polyurethane flask is encapsulated in each heel. This quick money-maker for Reef is the perfect paraphernalia and alcohol hiding place for teens.

Now, prom sandals with heels as flasks are being sold.


Hand Sanitizer: We use hand sanitizers are helpful to eliminate the spread of germs. Teens are using hand sanitizers to get drunk.  Most hand sanitizers contain 62% ethanol, by comparison, most brands of hard liquor (whiskey, etc.) are 40-50% ethanol. Hand sanitizers come in containers ranging from 0.5 to 32 ounces. Easily consealed these  “purse sized” hand sanitizers are from 2 to 6 ounces. Injesting the hand sanitizer can lead to ethanol intoxication and has all the same signs and symptoms of ethanol intoxication that results from drinking beer, wine or mixed drinks. Some hand sanitizers use isopropyl alcohol instead of ethanol and pose the same danger.


Apples: Apples are used to make bongs for smoking pot or crack. Watch the youtube "How To" video below. Also, injecting fruit with alcohol is an easy way teens will hide alcohol.


Finesse Shampo: Teens are reporting they use Finesse Shampoo to mask the odor of pot or cigarettes. Teens say they pour a hefty amount of shampoo in the bottom of the bath tub, turn on the shower and let the steam and aroma feel the room. It is said the strong aroma of the Finesse Shampoo will mask the smell of smoking tobacco or dope.

Pump Hairspray Bottles: Schools have reported finding hairspray bottles filled with Vodka.


Mechanical Pencils:  This was received in the Reat Talk office Oct.2009 from a school resource officer:

"I don't know if you have heard about this one but it is new to me. The students at one of my schools have a new way of passing drugs. They are placing the drugs inside of mechanical pencils. The students are letting each other borrow the pencils during class and passing the drugs in the pencils in front of the teachers."



  Bible Flasks: Sold at teen trendy clothing stores. This one was purchased at Urban Outfitters.


Tampon soaked with Vodka or laced with cocaine and inserted in the vagina or boys will insert in the rectum.

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