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Vampire Arrested

Police: Man claims he's a vampire, burns V on teen
Dec. 9, 2010: The Gadsden Times reported that 20 year-old self proclaimed satanist and vampire, Evan Francis Brown, a/k/a "Vamp" of Albertville was charged with burning a "V'' into the forehead of a teenager.  Police say the house where the crime occurred has satanic symbols painted on the walls, some with smudges of blood. A book on witchcraft, apparently stolen from a library, was found in the house.



Gadsden police detective Sgt. Mike Hooks, told Gadsden Times that Brown is accused of heating a fork on the stove and using it to burn a "V'' into the forehead of a 17-year-old who had been hanging around the house, where several other young people stayed and often dressed in ghoulish garb. Brown allegedly tied the teen up, tricking him into believing they were playing a game. Brown is also accused of beating and burning the 17 year-old.  The victim was left tied up about an hour before others in the house took him to a hospital emergency room, where police were contacted.



Brown was released Tuesday on $2,500 bond.