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Stickam Chats

Thanks to Stickam(TM)- pronounced Stick-cam- your teen can be the star of their very own live video/movie. Add to the mix your child’s ability to have their very own PayPal account, Baby could be making big bucks without your knowledge.

Stickam is the Internet's most powerful, free video communications player offering live streaming video and video conferencing (chatroom) with unlimited bandwidth. The download-free Stickam player allows teens and adults to share live video in chatrooms, on their personal Web pages, and blog sites.

Adventurous teens and adults enjoy the “Go Live” aspect of Stickam. It’s simple. With one click of the mouse, your teen’s webcam is enabled and the live streaming is in progress. Your teen can see and be seen by anyone. In addition, anyone can record video from Stickam at any time — and people do. If a teen makes a bad choice, it may be recorded and haunt them for life. Not to mention the obvious threat; sex offenders lurking, entering your child’s world via Stickam.

Voyeurism, fantasy, popularity, and addiction to attention are dangerous lures for young minds. A woman whose profile was No. 2 on Stickam's most-viewed list told the reported, "I forgot about everything in my life; my family, school, and work. I wouldn't go to sleep. I'd be up at the [crack] of dawn just to be on Stickam.” In one of her videos, recorded by a Stickam user and posted elsewhere, the woman is seen undressing at fans' urgings while a toddler ambles about in the background — a disturbing scenario. "After a while you don't even notice the people in the room talking to you."

Safety Tips

  • Place computer in well-traffic area
  • Do not allow web-cams on computers
  • Check your computer’s cache and history
  • Install a reliable Internet filtering program, such as
  • Google your child’s name and email address
  • Explain the dangers to your children

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