Parachuting Drugs

Parachuting, AKA Snow bomb, “is a method of swallowing drugs by rolling or folding powdered or crushed drugs in a piece of toilet paper (or other similar paper) to ingest while avoiding the bitter taste of a crushed pill and to get into the bloodstream quicker (causing a quicker high and a “harder” high).



Taken from a pro-parachuting website: Actually the website gives instructions on how to parachute.

Why/How to Parachute a substance: As I said before, the purpose for parachuting a substance is to get an immediate effect from the drug, in street terms: Rushin Phat. By parachuting something, you get rid of the delayed reaction that the pill was originally designed for. You get the full effect at ONCE! Sounds great right?

Let’s Parachute... Ok, there is no specific way to parachute. You can find people claiming that this method, or that method, or his method, or her method work the best. I will tell you the most common method used ok.