Also known as melon, mango, “bad to the bone” and dragon spice


K4, sold  as "potpourri,"  is similar to the recently banned drug K2.


·         Because of its chemical structure  it legal in most states

·         It is untraceable in the body when testing for drugs.

·         It can possibly pose more of a danger than its illegal counterpart.

·          There are over 44 different types of k4 on the market currently. Some of these types are mixed or blending with others resulting in over  300 different varieties of k4. (http://voices.yahoo.com/designer-drugs-k4-k2-spice-7690240.html)



·         Rapid pulse rate (pushes the heart rate up to 200 beats a minute)

·         Low-blood pressure

·         Hallucination

·         Delirium



Woman crashes into house while high on K4: http://www.fox23.com/news/local/story/Woman-crashes-into-house-while-on-K4-drug/IafU9sgq0Uy1zyj0qTncYg.cspx