Open House Party Law

With summer around the corner, graduation parties are in full swing, you can bet alcohol is not hard for a teen to find. There are parents out there that believe it is best to allow teens to drink with adult supervision. That is a pretty expensive line of thinking. It will cost you to be the cool parent. Violating Alabama's open house party law can land Mommy and Daddy in jail for 6 months and paying a $3,000 fine. 

Examples of Cool Thinking Gone Wrong:

Greystone Woman Convicted of Violating Alabama’s Open House Party Law

A Greystone mother become the first person to be charged in Hoover and convicted of violating the Alabama open house party law after police said they found more than 20 minors, some as young as 15, with beer at her residence, police said today.

Hoover police also responded to another open house party call around the same time where 20 minors were found drinking at a home on Deerfield Road. No adults were present, according to police.


Albertville Woman Pleads Guilty to Twice Violating Alabama’s Open House Party Law

An Albertville, AL  woman plead guilty after she was charged in two separate incidents a month a part,  with holding open house parties at her home.


Alabama Open House Party Law

Section 13A-11-10.1

Open house parties; when not allowed to continue; exceptions; penalties.

(a) As used in this section, the following words have the following meanings:


(1) ADULT. A person who, pursuant to state law, may possess alcoholic beverages.


(2) ADULT HAVING CONTROL OF A RESIDENCE. An adult who has sanctioned an open house party and who is in attendance.


(3) ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE. The meaning ascribed in Section 28-3-1.


(4) CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE. The meaning ascribed in Section 20-2-2.


(5) OPEN HOUSE PARTY. A social gathering at a residence.


(6) REASONABLE ACTION. The act of ejecting a person from a residence or requesting law enforcement officials to eject a person from a residence.


(7) RESIDENCE. A home, apartment, condominium, country club, motel, hotel, or any other unit designed for dwelling.


(b) No adult having control of any residence, who has authorized an open house party at the residence and is in attendance at the party, shall allow the open house party to continue if all of the following occur:


(1) Alcoholic beverages or controlled substances are illegally possessed or illegally consumed at the residence by a person under the age of 21.


(2) The adult knows that an alcoholic beverage or controlled substance is in the illegal possession of or is being illegally consumed by a person under the age of 21 at the residence.


(3) The adult fails to take reasonable action to prevent illegal possession or illegal consumption of the alcoholic beverage or controlled substance.


(c) Any adult who violates this section shall be guilty of a Class B misdemeanor.


(Acts 1994, No. 94-580, §§1-3.)