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Rhyme Project

There is Pinocchio… a puppet

That show us really good


What to do, this is true,

With Web 2.0


All of this without troubles

Present all of the programs


Only the free ones

Until those will fish


With Geppetto, the father

He follow us at all the times


By near and by far

He will gives a hand to us


Italians or foreigners

We are all true students


Pensioner or in service

We will take it as a vice


Parents and citizens

We will be all together


We will use with passion

All the online services


Drawings, toons and animations

And the children will be good


We will eat for breakfast

Video, movies and productions


We’ll invite all together

His joys and his sorrows


With the fox and the cat

We will make a contract


We will pay them no money

But our good working


Thanks to our fiend Cricket

We will work… don’t tell you

Riccardo Rivarola