Through these pages you can enter into our Project.

The aims of this project are:

  1. to improve the use, discover and disseminate the Web 2.0, open source software and ITC in all kind of schools.

  2. Sharing documents by Web2.0 tools

  3. Showing the importance to work with different country and different student ages

  4. Use teaching strategies like active learning, contextualized knowledge, cognitive and cooperative learning.

  5. Using virtual world as educational tool

  6. Creating free courses for teacher that want improve their ITC competences

  7. I, Riccardo Rivarola, am the data processing responsible, Claudio Filosi is the didactic/pedagogical responsible.

Prof. Riccardo Rivarola

WARNING! All videos that are not manufactured by us have been chosen with great care but we can not hold accountable if you connect the same to other movies, maybe not education and / or not suitable for minors!

Pinocchio nella rete 100 from Riccardo Rivarola on Vimeo.

Image used as a logo of the Project

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