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When I began reading Deb Hosey White's novel of corporate life, her narrative touch was so deft that the lines between fact and fiction blurred and I could have been reading one of those longer pieces in Fortune or even the Sunday Times magazine. The characters were utterly convincing and within a few paragraphs I wanted to keep reading to learn what would happen next. Throughout the...entire book, she kept delivering and I kept reading.

If you felt a twinge of recognition when watching George Clooney in Up in the Air, you're bound to enjoy this compelling ride from one bull's eye description to the next...

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Normal people don't get rich, only the weirdos do. "Pink Slips and Parting Gifts" tells the tale of Corporate CEO Jeffrey Elkins [who] sells his company and finds that multi-millionaire life is filled with its own unique quirks and challenges.

Author Deb Hosey White paints a fun and entertaining picture of business men and the men who work under them as well as the CEOs themselves.

"Pink Slips and Parting Gifts" is a choice and highly recommended novel that shouldn't be ignored.

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In the world of fiction, many tales have been written about the famous business icon at the top of the pyramid whose name and life will always be remembered. However, when do we ever hear the story of the little guys at the bottom of the pyramid – the foundation blocks of the structure itself, without whose strength and stamina the whole building would collapse? Even if you have never worked in the corporate business world or been part of a merger or acquisition, you will find Deb Hosey White’s Pink Slips and Parting Gifts is a clear and insightful journey into the world of corporate America...

...Pink Slips and Parting Gifts was certainly an eye opener for me, and I would highly recommend it for anyone who wants to see the truth behind big business today and the power of the privileged few.

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 “Pink Slips and Parting Gifts” by Deb Hosey White is a work of fiction. It says so on both the front and back cover of the book. But if it is a work of fiction, why does the story seem so familiar? Perhaps it is because there is no dearth of stories about mergers, acquisitions and bankruptcies in the papers these days. ...for the casual reader, “Pink Slips and Parting Gifts” makes for an interesting, informative, and even amusing read. But for those lucky readers who are still gainfully employed in a mid-size or large corporation it is just plain scary!

...So, who should read “Pink Slips and Parting Gifts?” A paragraph on the back cover says it all, “An estimated one in five corporate employees has experienced a merger or acquisition. 'Pink Slips and Parting Gifts' is their story — the one every corporate cubicle jockey, business-class road warrior and mid-level manager will want to read.” I respectfully agree!

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Posted on December 28, 2012 by Drewseph

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Mergers and acquisitions are practically a daily occurrence in American business. What is often forgotten in these deals is the the impact on the people working for the companies merged and acquired. Deb Hosey White attempts to do some of that in a fictional setting in “Pink Slips and Parting Gifts”.

Quite a large cast of characters populate “Pink Slips and Parting Gifts”. They are the people who prosper and suffer from the sale of the Easton Company. (Many of them both prosper and suffer in one way or another.) We follow them in the days before the sale is announced and through the year after the deal is closed.

Naturally, the top executives all receive generous golden parachutes. Many lower-level employees receive nothing but short notice to clear out. Some others are kept around at least for a while to help with the transition, and they live in constant fear of when the pink slip will arrive. Several old-timers reminisce about how much better life had been when the company’s founder Ed Easton had run the operation.

The large cast sometimes becomes hard to keep track of, and the plot occasionally confuses with its jumps back and forth in time. Overall, though, “Pink Slips and Parting Gifts” is very entertaining and nicely informative about the impact of corporate mergers and acquisitions on everyday people.
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I read this book and Dan Brown's Inferno simultaneously. This is the one I couldn't stop reading. I really liked the way this story was told through different perspectives. I would like to find out if karma took care of the despicable CEO.


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Jul 04, 13

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