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With The Scissors, In The Corner Office...

Just as Norm closed his office door, Jan returned from the ladies room. She had been there since that idiot finance manager dumped the news on her about the sale of the company. She couldn’t believe this was happening. She couldn’t believe she had gotten the news from some insensitive young snot who didn’t even know her name. Locked in the far bathroom stall, red-faced and crying, it had taken her all this time and an entire roll of toilet paper to control her furious anger and harness her tears. She felt betrayed, wasted, unappreciated and unloved. But most of all she was really, really angry. When Jan finally got her breathing back to normal, she blotted her face with wet paper towels and then attempted to reapply some make-up.

Walking back to her desk Jan felt empty and fragile, but she believed she had her emotions sufficiently in check. As she put her purse on her desk, she looked up and noticed Norm in his office, looking the same as he looked every other morning, reviewing the schedule she had prepared for him as though nothing had changed.

A few seconds later, Norm looked up from the daily schedule in his hand to see Jan coming though his door.

“Good morn…”

Before Norm could finish, Jan moved swiftly around his desk.

“Why you sonofabitch…!” she screeched, leaning over him, her right hand raised in a fist above her head as though she was about to strike him.

It was pure reflex that made Norm reach up and grab Jan’s forearm. And it was only then that he glanced up and saw the pair of scissors in her fist.