Our Wedding Bio 

Our wedding was a small gathering of our family and closest friends.  It was on a beautiful and breezy autumn evening...on November 11, 2006!  A big thank you to everyone that helped make our day so very special :) 



**Thank you so much to my good friend Julie.  She got so many great shots of our wedding.  I know you were just snapping shots for fun...but I should have hired YOU!  I know you will be a wonderful photographer one day!**



The church with our beautiful flowers.  Thank you to Shirley Chambers of Chambers Florist for such a wonderful wedding gift!!





 For the guys.





For the girls!





My flowers. 

**All wedding flowers by Shirley Chambers of Chambers Florist in Holly Pond**





Wedding cake with my pretty "G" crystal topper. 

Cake from Louises Cakes and Things....topper bought off ebay!





Chocolate and PB *Reeses* Grooms Cake.  Yummy ;)

Grooms cake also from Louises Cakes and Things!





Some of our food.





Me and my BM Laurie getting ready for my big day :)





My up~do for my big day :)





Back of my dress :)





My girls :)





Me and my little brother :)





My mom and aunt...right before the wedding began.





The Whole Gang!





Forgot to take off the tag??





My little brother..walking me down the aisle!





We are married!!!





On our way.....



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