Planning Application 'on hold'

Is the Planning Application 'on hold'?

On 19 July 2011, Haringey Council proclaimed on its website: “Pinkham Way application on hold”. By October, it became very clear that Haringey planning department had been in contact with the applicants (Barnet Council and the North London Waste Authority) since July, about ongoing, major changes to this same application. The application was certainly not “on hold”.

Haringey planners were insisting that they would continue with this changed planning application until they could ‘validate’ it. Once ‘validated’, an application becomes legally complete and publically available. In this case – crucially - a complete application could then have been used at the 2012 public hearing for the North London Waste Plan to support arguments that Pinkham Wood is suitable for a waste plant.

Lawyers for the PWA first pushed Haringey to clarify what “on hold” meant on 21 July 2011. Finally, and thanks to further pressure from the PWA, our lawyers and other members of the community, Haringey answered.

You can read their official response, from recently appointed Director of Place and Sustainability Lyn Garner (downloadable below). If you’ve been in correspondence with Haringey over this issue yourself, you may well have seen this same letter.

In summary: they have assured us that the current planning application will not be validated until after the inspector for the North London Waste Plan has submitted his final report. This is likely to be early summer 2012.
Pinkham Way,
22 Nov 2011, 05:58