The things they don’t tell you

The things they don’t tell you (there are many more)!

  1. Ongoing changes to borough planning strategy, if followed through, will mean that incineration will be possible at the site in future
  2. The site has ‘Borough Importance (Grade 1)’  - the same as Coldfall Wood and Alexandra Park – you could not imagine those sites being used to process waste - Pinkham Way should be treated exactly the same
  3. By the council’s own admission air quality is already poor; the NLWA have already requested that borough planning strategy be changed from ‘Given the existing low quality of Haringey air the use of biomass [as proposed at Pinkham Way] should be considered as a last resort’
  4. Groups that knew about the possibility of these plans at the site, including Natural England, Hollickwood Primary School and local residents, opposed its use at a preliminary consultation - their concerns were not acted on
  5. Friends of the Earth do not support plants such as the proposed Pinkham Way site – it is far too big - MBT sites should be more local to the rubbish sources that feed them - nor do they support MBT sites that produce refuse derived fuel (RDF) as a by-product
  6. The mechanical drums will turn 24 hours a day and the plant doors will open around 45 times an hour - adding to noise and odour pollution
  7. Plants of this scale are usually built outside heavily populated areas – this site is 100m from Alexandra Road, less than 250m from hundreds of households and workplaces and less than 1km from four primary schools. The MBT site at Frog Island, also in London, is 1.4km from the nearest residents
  8. The proposed site will result in waste being handled twice; collection lorries will take waste to the site for treatment and the resulting ‘solid recovered fuel’ will then be transported around the North Circular to another site for burning – surely the carbon impact of the proposals need to be investigated
  9. By the NWLA’s own admission, there are only plans to ‘control’ odour,  not ‘eliminate’ odour

Don’t take everything they say at face value – here’s a few to give you an example

  • It is needed to meet EU objectives for reducing waste and increasing recycling – reducing waste and increasing recycling are aims we support – however, we want a proper, open debate with all stakeholders on this matter to arrive at a solution that we can all agree on
  • The site was a sewerage works and has been derelict since the 1960s – the words ‘sewerage’ and ‘derelict’ are used a lot to play down the importance of a site that has regenerated over 50 years to become rich in animal and plant life (there are 2 sites of Special Importance to Nature) 
  • Waste collection costs will be reduced, so reducing council taxes – there are no figures to back up this claim at all and the ‘true cost’ would need to include the potential impact on property prices across the borough
  • It is well located for traffic links – anyone who regularly uses the junction of the North Circular with Colney Hatch Lane will already know how heavily congested it is – most of us have been trapped in the Tesco car park at some point – in addition, the NLWA traffic assessment will not include any figures for the increased traffic for the new B&Q superstore at the Friern Bridge Retail Park
  • It will create local jobs – this is not about creating jobs, but moving jobs from existing facilities in Edmonton and elsewhere. Placing the site next to a residential area and close to Friern Barnet Retail Park could also result in local job losses 
  • It will lead to regeneration of the area – the site has regenerated, ecologically, over last 50 years and local residents oppose the proposal 
  • Incineration is not part of the proposal – not yet, but the door has been left open to introduce this in future years