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Sample Consultation Response

This is a response to the Enfield Council consultation by a local resident. It is to Q12 on the consultation document. The same text is attached as a Word document at the bottom of this page.


North Circular Area Action Plan, Towards the Pre-submission Stage

Part of Enfield’s LDF November 2011

Q12.  The investment in, and improvement of this area is very welcome.  However, the success of this effort and expenditure is at risk of being ruined by a clear conflict of policy priorities at Enfield Council.  This conflict is the support that the Council has given, so far, to a proposal, by North London Waste Authority to build one of Europe’s largest waste processing plants at Pinkham Way, together with Barnet Council’s refuse vehicle maintenance and depot right on the boundary of the Action Plan area. 

This would be a major blight on all the improvements being made by Enfield Council in the Action Area. The traffic generated around the vicinity by this development would wipe out any benefit from the recent road improvement works (there was no provision made for additional traffic). The NLWA have admitted their plans will involve more than 1,000 heavy vehicle movements per day travelling through or in the immediate vicinity of the action area from seven north London boroughs.  Furthermore, official documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show that 24-hours per day, 365 days per year operations are envisaged on the site, generating smells and noise and pollution. 

Enfield Council must withdraw its support from this proposal.  The Council must not allow this unwelcome NLWA proposal to detract from the success of the three improved neighbourhoods.  This is not good town planning at any level. On the one hand Enfield Council is trying to improve the area, but on the other hand is agreeing to the introduction of a major planning blight into the area, which will have a major detrimental impact on traffic congestion, access to and from the area, air pollution, and all the rest of the detritus that arises from this type of “bad neighbour” development.  It is not acceptable for Enfield Council to spend public money on an area it wishes to "improve", but then to collude in it becoming a dustbin for seven London Boroughs by supporting the NLWP.

Enfield Council should be aware that during an Examination in Public into Haringey Council's Core Strategy on 22 February 2012 evidence was presented that the Pinkham Way site is, in fact, not brownfield land, nor previously developed land, but is greenfield land. The evidence for this submission was supported with plans and photographs which were not challenged by Haringey Council. During the same public hearing Haringey Council stated that it did not consider the Pinkham Way site as suitable for 24 hour bad neighbour type uses. The Inspector’s Report is due at the end of April 2012.  

There is a shortage of open space in Enfield (and Haringey).  The Pinkham Way site, which at present is scrubland and semi-mature woods, provides the last opportunity to secure a large open recreational and nature conservation space in this area for the benefit of all residents. It is a wonderful natural habitat at the moment and there is the potential opportunity to deculvert a stream which runs through the Pinkham Way site. It is a valuable nature conservation site rated number 1 borough importance by Haringey.  If managed appropriately, it could become a wonderful local amenity which would enhance the other improvements Enfield is proposing for the locality. Cross borough discussions should be opened along these lines as soon as possible.  Enfield Council should oppose the North London Waste Plan. The new information about the planning classification of the Pinkham Way site is likely to result in the site becoming virtually undeliverable. There is now a great opportunity to give the Action Plan Area a wonderful recreational open space on its doorstep.

Pinkham Way,
23 Feb 2012, 14:48