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Enfield NCAAP Consultation

Enfield Council are looking for feedback on their North Circular Area Action Plan - part of a much-needed and very large regeneration of areas around the A406 in Southgate, Bowes and Palmers Green.

The consultation officially ends on Friday 24 February - please try and respond before this if you can.

However, if not, it is still worth submitting something in the few days after this date. If you miss it, and find that the online form (details below) is no longer working, send your response via email to: Ldf@enfield.gov.uk

Full details of the consultation can be found here, on the NCAAP consultation website.

The full document that Enfield are asking for feedback can be found here as a pdf here: North Circular Area Action Plan.

Here is the quick online form for submitting your response.

As a quick guide, the page for answering specific, numbered questions is Page 3 of the form, with Page 4 for general comments.

We have included a sample response to Q12 of the consultation by an Enfield resident.

If you have any concerns about traffic on the A406 in relation to this scheme, then Q2 is 'Do you agree with the position on future A406 improvements?'.

Have Enfield yet taken into consideration the 1200+ daily vehicle movments that a waste plant and vehicle depot at Pinkham Way will generate on the same bottleneck of the A406, a stretch which is recognised to be one of the worst for congestion in London.Are they concerned about the additional pollution that such large traffic movements (many of them large lorries) on people living in their newly regenerated area?