Size of the Plant

The proposal for Pinkham Wood is to build one of Europe’s biggest MBT waste-processing sites. We feel that this is clearly inappropriate for a residential area, especially one which already has existing traffic congestion and pollution problems.

Local solutions need to be found to deal with local waste. Building one of the largest plants in Europe is not a local solution.

So how big will this thing be?

According to the NLWA pre-application exhibition, there will be a factory building 15,000 square metres in size, or equivalent to 150 metres long by 100 metres wide. The building will be up to 23 metres high.

This excludes the chimney stack, which the NLWA have told us could be as high as 25 metres in addition to the height of the building - a total of nearly 50 metres high. This would be the height of a large electricity pylon - very clearly a visual intrusion in an area surrounded by greenery, houses and open land.

In addition there will be two more buildings on the site (750 square metres), 184 parking spaces and an access road.

By way of comparison, the buildings of the Friern Bridge Retail Park (see image below), cover roughly 16,000 square metres.