Health Risks

If built at the proposed location, this huge waste treatment plant will affect the health of nearby residents directly through emissions of methane, CO2 and other gases.

It will also affect the well-being of local people with  24-hour noise, odour, and the stress of living in its shadow. 

Some of these effects will be most keenly felt by the more vulnerable - older people, children and people with existing health problems.

Professor Frank Kelly of King's College London, speaking at the Commons environmental audit committee, estimated that between 3000 and 5000 people a year in London die early because of pollution, and that some will have had their life cut short by up to 10 years. He also stated that the worst particulate pollution is normally from traffic in London. [Source]

Coppetts Ward already has the highest mortality rate in Barnet. Some people believe that is because of the effects of existing traffic from the North Circular and environs which slices through the ward. [Source:]

The health and quality of life of local people would best be served by NLWA finding other sites for the plant - for example, by expanding existing capacity elsewhere, and by preserving Pinkham Way (named as a site of importance to nature conservation in Haringey's biodiversity action plan) as a local wildlife habitat.

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