Pre-Application Consultation

The North London Waste Authority keep telling the media that local residents have been consulted about their plans for Pinkham Wood. Our neighbours keep telling us otherwise, so we decided to find out the truth for ourselves.

When did you FIRST hear about the proposed development?

The public exhibitions organised by the NLWA were held on 12, 15 and 16 February 2011. As you can see below, at least 76.3% of residents only found out about the proposals AFTER the public consultation period had closed. Of the 16.9% of residents that heard about it in February, I think we are being generous by saying that only half of these heard about the proposals after 16 February.

So, the score is: NLWA 15% versus PWA 85%.
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Effective consultation?

It is quite clear that the NLWA publicity for their consultation was ineffectual. In a short space of time, the Pinkham Way Alliance and local residents groups have clearly outperformed the NLWA.

In response to our question, 'How did you FIRST hear about the proposed Pinkham Way development?':

  I received a flyer from the NLWA in January/Febraury 2011
  I was contacted directly by the NLWA
  I saw a notice by the NLWA in the local paper
  I received a flyer from my local representative in April 2011
  I was notified by my local Council
  I was told by a friend/neighbour
  I received a flyer or spoke to someone from the Pinkham Way Alliance
  I was told by my local Residents' Association
  I saw some of the media coverage about the Pinkham Way Alliance
  I heard about it at the local school
  I attended the community meeting at hollickwood School on 25 February 2011
  Other 3.8%

The NLWA have probably met their legal obligations for consultation, but is it enough for a project as massive as this, which we will have to live with for the next 25-30 years?
The Council result was negligible; hardly surprising given that in Barnet the local Library was closed during the notification period and many of the Barnet papers are not delivered to those in Barnet on the 'wrong' side of the North Circular.
It is only because of the actions of the Pinkham Way Alliance and our friends in various Residents' Associations that our community is just starting to become aware of this development.

Were you consulted properly?

I think these results are pretty conclusive.

NLWA 0% versus PWA 100%
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What is your view?

Again, no comment required, except that I hope you're reading this Boris.
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All of the respondents lived in Barnet (36.9%), Enfield (10.6%) and Haringey (52.5%).

These preliminary results are based on 160 responses received between midnight and 5:30pm on 9 May 2011.