14 Hour Technicolor Dream

29th April 1967
The 14 hour Technicolour Dream was held at the Alexandra Palace, London, on April 29, 1967.The fund-raising concert for the International Times, was organised by Barry Miles and John "Hoppy" Hopkins. It was part-documented by Peter Whitehead in a film called Tonite Let's All Make Love in London.At the time it was described as a multi-artist event, as it featured a host of poets, artists and musicians. It has become one of the most infamous acid freak outs to ever take place in London. Pink Floyd headlined the event, but a huge collection of other artists were also present. They included: Yoko Ono and John Lennon, Arthur Brown, Soft Machine and The Pretty Things. Pink Floyd appeared right at the end of the show, just as the sun was beginning to rise at around five o'clock in the morning. The details of the set-list are rather sketchy, however one source suggests that they played - Astronomy Domine, Arnold Layne, Interstellar Overdrive, Nick's Boogie and other material from their then unreleased debut album, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn

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In 2007 on April the 21st there was another chapter in this story as the 40th anniversary of this event was celebrated at the
Institute of Contemporary Arts, London. There was a number of the bands who originally played including The Pretty Things and Arthur Brown, in addition showings of a number of rare films and talks (with Q&A) from a number of the original sixties faces and attendees of the Alexandra Palace event. In the spirit of the original event there was also an all night after party in a secret location organised by promoters Sleep All Day Drive All Night.

The Dream 
saturday 29th april 1967
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