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Indian civilization is one of the ancient civilizations of the world.It is still flying high after seeing lots of ups and downs since its birth.Though Indian civilization is influenced was many but the majors influence was made by the Aryans Central Asia).India has a vast history of flourishing and ending of great kingdoms, rulers and many bloody battles. But inspire of that our civilization has made vast progresses in science, art, literature and religion situated in the foothills of the Shivalik range ‘Pinjore’(District Panchkula Haryana) is one of such places which has kept alive our culture and heritage.It lies nearly 22 K.M. from Chandigarh on Chandigarh Shimalahighway NH-22.It is like a gem in Indian history and culture.


Remains (Tolls, weapons , vessel, etc of stones) which were dated more than 3 and half years old found in an excavation on the banks of the Ghagar river and the Bhima Devi Temple proves that is was inherited by the stone age man who seems to live near the river with respect to his needs of stone & water.The excavation also includes weapons which are well polished and slippery which signifies the new age after the Stone Age.

In 1878-79 when the great Alexandercome here he got, a stone slab of 10thcentury which has passage 27 lines on it which signify the name of this place as Panchura.The name Panchpura might have given to this place because of the last year of their venue (aglet vest) here.

In 1030 A.D many Muslim historians like Mohamed. Hess also written about this place in their writings, in the later period it was called as Bhim Nagar, which most probably had flourished on the upper part of the mountain.The scripts and historic writings reveal that it had been an important place from 9th to 13th century.

Historic Places :


This Garden was build by the Mugal umpire Aurangjeb in the 17th century Haryana Government has announced this place as the safe zone.Archeological and Museum Department of Haryana has been successful in excavate beautiful stone idol from time to time these stone idols give the impression of the GurjarArt which is thought to be of 8th to 11th century.

After the Re-Discoveryof this place in 1974 when the excavation process started then a large number of idols of Hindu God & goddess, remains of houses, temples were found.Three special structure were also found which revved that they were theremains of the Panchayat type temple in such temples the temple of main God is in the centre on the four corner temples four small God’s are there.

The pillar found in the excavation shows the name Shri Ram Dev from the type of script written, is suggest that it is of 10th to 11th century.It might be possible that the name Ram Dev is some Ram Bhadra who fought many fights with Mohd. Ghaznabion the banks of Satluj River.At that time this area might be area surrounding Ropper(Punjab) from where the way from the north east to the Ganges plains passed. Ram was also called the King of Inida.Who lost after a lot of struggle and after winning the battle Mohd. Ghazanvi destroyed all the Historicalstructure and temples build by the King.The remains of the Bhima Devi temple are the evidence to this.

Dhara Mandal

The Pandavas, in order to spend their last year of Vanvas as Agyatvas were in search of a less populated and lonely place.They felt that King Vera’s place was the right choice for that.During their stay in Viraats kingdom they dug 365 water natural spring from which only few are left now.It is thought that the Pandvas had fear that in order to kill than Duryadhan might mix poison in water natural spring that is why they dug, a new water natural spring every day.

Dhara Mandal is also one of there water natural spring.This was dug by Arjun for his wife Draupdi was feeling thirsty.He shoot an arrow into the ground and a stream Dhara of water shot up from the ground i.e. why it was named Dhara Mandal near Dhara Mandal is a very old Lord Shiva temple which was also build by the Pandavas.People from very far places come to bath in this body on Baisakhi & Teej.It is a saying that bathing in Dropdi kund on Stva Teej give the fruits of 68 holy pilgrims.

Gurudwara Manji Sahib

This GurudwareofPinjore is one of the historic Gurudwara, this was built by Maharaja Ranjit Singh. In 1574 Vikram udasti tessi, the first Sikh Guru Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and his desiple Bhai Bala ji and Mardana ji come here Guru Nanak Dev ji said his prayers while sittingnear the Dhara Mandal. In the premises of the Gurudwara is a water natural spring which Guru ji took water and wash the hand of a handicapped king after which his handstarted working, he chatted a line Likh-likh Padea Tota Karhia for the first time here.


From around 500 years masque is neighboring Dhara Mandal and Gurudwara it was built by the Mughal empror Shahjaha, this is run by Punjab workboard. The presence of the mosque Gurudwara & Temple neighboring each other in Pinjore signifies the unity of India which is seen very often in whole world.

Dera Baba Top Nath

This place is famous by the name of Natho ka Dera.This is around 350 years old it is believed that a Sant Top Nath was a disciple of Baba Mast Nath of astel bohar, District Rohtak (Haryana).One day he as sitting under a tree and he lost in his own world coincidentlythe King of Patialawhile his way to Shimladecidedto rest in Pinjore so he asked to Saint pick up his belonging ‘Dhuna’ and move from there, the Saint turned down his requestthan the King ordered his soldiers to fire on the Saint with the missiles, the soldier try to fire four times on him but the missiles burst on them only and they all died.Than the Saint took his sigaar and kept a cool in it and aired it with his mouth and a result it flew as on fire fell and hitted the door of Bahadurgarh fort and demolished it when he aired with his mouth again the wall of ----------palace fall down and when he aired his sigaar third time then the fire fell in MethiBag and made a big water natural spring there after seeing this the King fell into the foot of the Saint and made him Guru from than he is known as the Baba Top Nath

After sometime the Saint took Samadhi (left his breathe) here.Now at that place a beautiful temple is there on the walls of which a beautiful art work is done.

Khara Patha Mandir

Two K.M. away from Pinjore is situated Dhamala village where there is a temple in which there is the idol ofPashupathi Nath is believed that Bhasmasur had an intention of killing Lord Shiva so he prayed to Shiva to call him than Shiva transformed into make Buffalo while running. The month was transformed in Kedernath here is Khera Pathar the back of Buffalo is worshiped.

When the Pandavas were building the Lord Shiva temple near Dhamala than Bhim was lorded to bring stones he took the stone of back of Pashupati when he retured to take more stones he was surprised the same some stone is there then he took the stone again.When he came for the third time he saw blood and milk coming out of itthan he told about it to the Pandavas, theyinquired about it and than apologized to Lord Shiva.

Then a voice from the sky come and asked than to build a temple with the idol of Pashupati and if they fail to do so then the Dharamandal will be left in complete which is now also incomplete.The stones used in the Shive temple are the proof of the stone is of Khera Pather.

JayantiMata Temple

One K.M from Pinjore on the hill is the temple of Mata Jayanti.This temple was build by the Pandavas.It is a believe that the Gods Lord Shiva while sitting there.The Pandavas buildthe temple without the roof with the belief that the Gods not take roof on this spot only Bhim Killed Kichak Dman

Bhramrishi Ashram Virat Nagar

2 K.M from Pinjore on the bank Kaushala River is a beautiful Ashram.It was built in 1974 by Guru Bhramrishi Vishwatma Bawra ji . In ancienttimes kaushala river was known by name Kaushki on this place was the Aashram ofSaint Kapil who wrote many veaid herebehind the ashram is a river called Saryu Saraswat.This is found in sarswati nagar.Inside the ashram is an idol of Hanuman idol which is 40 feet long.In the premises of Ashram there is a school, Karakul, Hospital.


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