Institute of International Studies Building, 
Center of International Negotiations Studies (Office), 
University of São Paulo, 
Prof. Lúcio Martins Rodrigues Av., 
São Paulo, Brazil

P: +55 11 3091-0553   (Office) 

C: +55 11 95792-2357 

PhD in International Relations and Political Science, University of São Paulo (USP) – Institute of International Relations (IRI)Currently, I hold a postdoctoral position at the Center of International Negotiations Studies

Research Interest and Dissertation

My research interests lie at the intersection of political science and international relations; more specifically, between comparative politics and international political economy. In my dissertation, I attempt to link both fields when analyzing the impact of domestic institutions on international cooperation and trade policy.

Working Papers

  • Partisanship and Economic Cooperation: Does Political Ideology Matter? 
  • (abstract).
  • Trade Protection and Systems of Government: Evaluating Presidents and the Salience of Trade Issues in Electoral Campaigns (abstract). 
  • Constituency Size and Trade Policy Vote in Brazil (abstract).
  • Political Representation and Protectionism: Assessing How Electoral Institutions Affect Tariff Levels (abstract). [under review]                                
  • Representação Política e Protecionismo: O Que Realmente Sabemos sobre o Assunto? (abstract). [under review]                                                                                                     

      Selected Publications 

      Presidents, Legislators, and Foreign Policy in Latin America. Contexto Internacional, 2016. with Pedro Feliú. (Article

      Poder Legislativo e Política Externa na América Latina. Colección Becas de Investigación. CLACSO, 2013. Buenos Aires. (Book).

      Poder Legislativo e política externa: um estudo sobre a influência do Congresso Nacional do Chile na formulação da política comercial durante a década de 1990. Contexto Internacional, 2008, 30:89-139 (Article).

      Chile: um País em Movimento. In: Maria Regina Soares de Lima; Marcelo Vasconcelos Coutinho. (Org.). Agenda Sul-americana: Mudanças e Desafios no Início do Século XXI. 1ed. Brasília: Fundação Alexandre Gusmão, 2007, p. 37-67(Book chapter).

      More on my Google Scholar.

      Book Reviews

      The Politics of Market Discipline in Latin America: Globalization and Democracy, BPSR, vol.10 no.3, 2016 (Review)


      Instructor: Comparative Politics/ USP-IRI, undergraduate level, 2016.01 (course syllabus) 

      Instructor: Workshop on Research Design to International Relations / San Tiago Dantas [Unesp,PUC-SP, Unicamp ], graduate level, 2015.02 (workshop syllabus)

      Instructor: Foreign Policy Analysis (Análise de Política Externa) / Faap 2015.01 (course syllabus)

      Instructor: Brazilian Trade Policy (Comércio Exterior no Brasil)/ Faap 2015.01 (course syllabus)

      Instructor: R Workshop, April, 2014. (workshop material)

      Instructor: LaTeX Workshop, September, 2013. (workshop material)

      TA: Research Design and Empirical Analysis, Aug.-Dec, 2013. (course syllabus).

      TA: Research Design and Empirical Analysis, Feb.-Jun, 2013. (course syllabus).

      TA: Foreign Policy Analysis, Mar.-Jun., 2011.(course syllabus)

      Funding Sources & Others

      Postdoctoral fellowship: Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES)

      Dissertation funding: State of São Paulo Research Agency (Fapesp)

      Registration at the Brazilian Ministry of Science and Technology (CNPq): Lattes CV


      Political Economy Study Group