LUA USB terminal

LUA USB Terminal is a command line application used to debug USB on Pinguino.
This terminal initialise Pinguino and display the text received on the USB port.
It is possible to send a specific string to Pinguino to test answer.

LUA USB terminal is only supported on Linux, i didn't tried it on MAC OSX.


You need LUA 5.1 and the libusb library.
To install libusb library, see this tutorial web page.

PinguinoUSBterminal is this attached file.

Use it....

To activate the menu, hit any key then you should display this menu:

Select Action:
1: Enter string to send
2: Send string
3: Continuous send string
x: exit
enter your choice:

Select 1 to enter a string in the buffer.
Select 2 if you want to send this string to Pinguino only once.
select 3 if you want to send this string to Pinguino continuously.


This is sendusb.pde a simple program for Pinguino to test this terminal:

// test send usb jp.mandon 2010

void setup()

void loop()
unsigned char caractere;
while (1)
    if USB.available()
        if (caractere=='T')

Upload this program in Pinguino, then start pinguinoUSBterminal and store T in the string.
When string T si sent, Pinguino will display "Received" instead of "Nothing".


This is the first version of this utility. I will improve it and, if some needs are discovered, please tell me what is necessary. I will update this small software.

jp mandon,
5 May 2010, 05:44
jp mandon,
5 May 2010, 05:45