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Pinguino IDE is based on Python 2.5. This is the step by step procedure to work with it:

- download and install Python 2.5.2 ( )
- download and install WxPython 2.8 ( sourceforge )
- download and install libusb binaries ( MAC OS X 10.4 , MAC OS X 10.5
, MAC OS X 10.6)

- download Pinguino Last Release

Go to pinguino folder and right click on, open with python launcher 2.5.2.

It's tested to work with newer releases of Python (tested with 2.5.4, found at

If you are running pinguino on an Intel Mac, you also need to install ROSETTA. This a program included in the OS DVD, that enables you to run programs designed for PPC processors (the gpasm included, works on PPC and Intel with Rosetta).

In order to install it, insert the original OS DVD, then Optional Installations, as showed in the next screen (sorry, but texts are in spanish, because I'm from Spain :-)