Pinguino is an arduino like environment base on Microchip PIC chips. It's first goal is for educational purpose but it became quickly a set of tools for various projects.
3 configurations are currently updated.
  • Traditional Pinguino is built around a 18F2550 chip. On this board you can use 18 digital I/O shared with 5 analog inputs. This board have integrated SMD resistors on all the pins.
  • Simplified Pinguino is the same design but without SMD resistors on pins. It is simplest to build and some design are built on a bread board.
  • Tiny Pinguino 18F4550 is our last design. Built around a 18F4550 chips it offer 29 digital I/O shared with 8 analog inputs.
On all the version, instead of digital and analog pins, somme pins are dedicated to special functions:
  • 2 fast PWM outputs ( 3000 Hz )
  • I2C
  • Serial input output up to 57600 bauds
  • USB native
  • eeprom write and read
  • user access to interrupt

Pinguino is still in development and a lot of new features are currently under test:
  • SPI
  • flash read and flash write
  • peripheral libraries ( 1Wire, LCD ..... )

Pinguino will be ported on PIC32 soon, our test card with a PIC32MX460F512L will offer a lot of new features:
  • 78 I/O
  • USB Host
  • USB device
  • 80 Mips
  • ..........