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=> Download (Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8)
Click here and select MH3G Dex_v0.08.zip (Mirror)

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Missing '2007 AccessDatabaseEngine': download and install => AccessDatabaseEngine 2007.

Can't start / missing .NET Framework: download and install => Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or newer.

Missing 'Language.resources' or Missing 'MH3GDatabase': unzip all the files of the MH3G Dex .zip into the SAME folder – you must end up with this:
MH3G Dex_folder

If you are still experiencing the error on Windows XP, follow => this procedure for all Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages that you see in the list. If they don't appear by step 6, do step 9 before. At step 9, do not check “Install files for complex script and right-to-left languages”. Reboot your computer.

Note: if you are asked Windows XP installation disk, download => this .zip, unzip it and put it somewhere you can easily remember. When the Insert disk pop-up appears, click OK. Near Copy files from, click Browse, find the i386 folder you just downloaded and unzipped, double-click on it and click Open.

Compatibility with Athena's Armor Set Search: put both MH3G Dex and the Armor Set Search in the same place. In the Results panel of the ASS, right-click on something and then left-click to jump automatically to its corresponding page in the MH3G Dex.
MH3G Dex_ASS_folder MH3G Dex_ASS_click

2014-12-31 (version 0.08)

  • Added [Armor Set Builder] window
  • Added language pack
  • Added drop rates for Alatreon & Dire Miralis
  • Added reward rates for DLC quests
  • Fixed some text typos for the 5 languages in MH3U (since v0.03)