Our Board and Committees

2017-2018 Board of Directors
Ginger Yarrow, President                            
Lynn Taylor, Vice-President  
Nadine Peacock, Vice-President                                                              
Judy Weik, Secretary    
Tuny Mokrauer, Treasurer                                                               
Stephanie Eiger
Helen Gilmore
Helen Gullo
Mary Ann Hagerty      
Laura Kaufman           
Mary Anne Loafman
Mary Kay Martire
Susan Parks
Cordelia Pottinger-Walters
Jennifer Trueman Resek
Sarah Shirk
Hannah White
Pat Woytek

Committee Chairs:

Instrument Management - Ginger Yarrow and Susan Parks
Music Enrichment (Elementary grade workshops, family concerts) - Lynn Taylor  
Mentoring - Lynn Taylor, Stephanie Eiger, and Sarah Shirk 
Enrichment Programs - Helen Gullo and Nadine Peacock
Communication and Fundraising - Judy Weik and Susan Parks
Metrics and Impact - Tuny Mokrauer, Sarah Shirk. Susan PArks
Volunteer Development Task ForceJennifer Resek

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