Our Board and Committees

2016-2017 Board of Directors
We welcome new board member Laura Kaufman and give our thanks and best wishes to departing board members Elinor Crane, Barb Hickey, Jana O'Brien and Kathleen Sheehey!

Judy Weik, President
Ginger Yarrow, Vice-President                                                    

Lynn Taylor, Vice-President  
Nadine Peacock
, Secretary                                                                     
Tuny Mokrauer, Treasurer                                                               
Stephanie Eiger
Helen Gullo
Mary Ann Hagerty      
Laura Kaufman           
Mary Anne Loafman
Susan Parks
Cordelia Pottinger-Walters
Jennifer Trueman Resek
Sarah Shirk
Hannah White
Pat Woytek

Committee Chairs:
Instrument Inventory - Ginger Yarrow and Susan Parks
Music Enrichment (Elementary grade workshops, family concerts) - Lynn Taylor  
Mentoring - Lynn Taylor, Stephanie Eiger, and Sarah Shirk 
Enrichment Programs - Helen Gullo and Nadine Peacock
Communication and Fundraising - Judy Weik and Susan Parks
Student Data Base and Metrics - Tuny Mokrauer
Volunteer Development Task Force -  Jennifer Resek

Contact us at: pingoprf@gmail.com