Information for PING! Families

Thinking about how to schedule your student for music in high school?
It IS POSSIBLE for your student to take music classes all 4 years at OPRF High School.  Attached at the bottom of the page is a PDF with sample schedules that you can use to start a discussion with your student's guidance counselor about an academic schedule to meet your student's needs and interests. 

Need instrument supplies?

Remember that if your student needs supplies for his or her instrument (reeds, rosin, sticks, cork grease, etc.) go to Austin Music Center at 6815 North Avenue, Oak Park.  When you tell Mr. Cannon (the owner) that you are a PING! family you will receive the PING! discount on your purchase.

Instrument need repair?
If your student's instrument needs a repair, first have them talk to their teacher - sometimes minor things can be fixed in class
If your teacher cannot fix it, take the instrument Austin Music Center at 6815 North Avenue, Oak Park.   Mr. Cannon will evaluate the instrument and repair it if needed.  Make sure you tell Mr. Cannon you are a PING! families, and PING! will pay for the repair.

How to help your child practice
All parents know that encouraging your child to practice can be a challenge!  Click on the PDF below to get some additional tips.


Music Lessons and Practicing
  • Remind your child to arrive at his/her lesson on time.  Leave the instrument and book by the front door on the night before the lesson day to make sure they take them to school.
  • Practicing an instrument is important -- like doing homework.  Students are required to practice a MINIMUM of 100 minutes a week.  The more they practice, the better they get ( and more fun they have)!
  • Middle school parents are expected to review and sign a weekly practice log (just like homework!).  This log is part of your child's grade in band or orchestra.
  • Provide a quiet space and time for practicing.  Turn off the TV and radio so your child can concentrate.
  • Offer encouragement.  It might take a while for your child to sound musical!
  • Attend all school concerts and celebrate their successes  - these are very enjoyable evenings for everyone.
  • Encourage your child to participate in all PING!-sponsored enrichment events.  Generally these events have limited enrollment, so it is important to RSVP when you get a notice from PING!.
  • Enjoy music with your child!

Instrument Care

  • Do not let other children (including siblings) play the instrument.
  • Be sure the instrument is returned to its case after practicing.
  • Keep track of the instrument - do not leave it at school, on the bus, at a friend;s house, etc. 
  • Replacement supplies, such as reeds and strings may be purchased at Austin Music Center ( North Avenue at Oak Park Avenue).  Mention you are a PING! student and you will receive the PING! discount.
  • If your instrument gets damaged,  immediately let your band or orchestra teacher know.   They will contact PING! if repair is needed.

Family Contact Information

  • It is VERY important that PING! know how to reach you.  Let us know if you move or if your phone number changes. 
  • You can email us at:   or call us at 708-524-5830 ext 7434 and leave a message.

For more answers to common questions, check out the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on this website!

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