Welcome to the online portal for Pinetree Secondary School's ICT Program.

Pinetree is proud to offer a multitude of ICT Programs including Computer Information Systems and Modular Survey.

We are also proud to offer tangible, real-world certifications as we are partnered up with the Cisco Networking Academy and can offer students
state of the art, up-to-date hands on computer training.


Working with our community, we are dedicated to preparing our students for success in a rapidly changing world by providing a supportive learning environment which recognizes and respects individual differences, encourages students to challenge personal limits and promotes excellence.


Accepting challenges together (ACT)


Pinetree Secondary School opened its doors in September 1997.  It has currently has a population of 1450 and a staff of 70 teachers.

Located across from Lafarge Park and next to the David Lam Campus of Douglas College, Pinetree is unique in that it shares its site and part of the facility with both Coquitlam Parks and Leisure Services and Douglas College. This three-way partnership has enabled all partner groups to benefit from cost sharing in the creation of exceptional physical education facilities.

Pinetree’s timetable is made to accommodate the needs of its students. We have a common nutrition break and lunch hour. Our extended day begins at 8:00am and ends at 3:15pm and includes a single one hour and 45 minute afternoon block each day. Each class rotates into the “long block” once per week in order to facilitate field trips and the use of a wider variety of instructional strategies. 

Pinetree offers Advanced Placement opportunities for students through separate AP courses.  As well, Pinetree offers a large number of exciting and often unique elective programs including a full set of Fine Arts courses (Drama, Band, Visual Arts); Technology Education (Automotive, Woodwork, Drafting and Design, Engineering); Information Technology (IT 9, 11 and 12, IT Management 11 and 12, Computer Programming 11); Business Education (Accounting, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Economics, Computer Application and Management); Home Economics (Sewing, Foods and Nutrition); and an unique Digital Media program (Desktop Publishing, Graphic Arts, Digital Film and Production).


Pinetree Secondary is located in a neighbourhood that includes a variety of housing ranging from mobile homes, subsidized condominium developments and co-op housing to very exclusive family homes.

Pinetree Secondary School is a truly multicultural school. Fifty percent of our student population was born outside of Canada and speak over 70 different languages. Major cultural groups within the school include Persian, Chinese, Hong Kong, Korean and Canadian.  Many of our students are new immigrants. The majority of students in the school are well motivated academically and many are expected by their families to attend university following graduation. Despite this incredible diversity the most outstanding feature of Pinetree is the celebration and acceptance of ALL types of diversity including sexual orientation and ethnic background.

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