MSTA 2008
Michigan Science Teachers Association Presentation

Brochure 2008 

 Lansing Center

Our Presentation Board!

Our presentation at the Lansing Center on March 8, 2008 went very well!

The format for the presentation was as follows:

Murray Borrello, Alma College, introduced the purpose of the project by explaining the history of the Saint Louis and Alma area.  Murray has been  involved with water quality and environmental concerns in mid-Michigan for many years and is the expert that we as teachers can turn to when help is needed. 

Sarah Beery, St. Louis HS, connected the new Michigan Curriculum requirements to the project.  With the connections, she gave some examples of how these requirements are applicable to the project.

Steve Lord, Alma HS, shared the experiences that Saint Louis and Alma HS students experienced at a fall field trip to Lumberjack Park in Riverdale, Michigan. 

Mike Allen, St. Louis HS, took the audience on a brief tour of the four sampling sites that each school samples.  He and Sarah discussed how and when students collect water samples and what tests will be run on the collected water.  Mike brought out the Hach kits and provided an overview of the technology and chemicals that are currently being used.

Lisa Arnold, Alma HS, wrapped up the presentation by directing the audience to our shared web page.  A video of the overall project (made by Michael Arnold) was then viewed.  This video can be found on the home page.