"And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers;"
Ephesians 4:11

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11-22-15 Encourage Yourselve Keith Copeland 
11-22-15 Do You Have A Part In The Building of The House Of God? Bill Copeland 
11-15-15 Its Never Too Late Keith Copeland 
11-15-15 Jesus Bill Copeland 
11-08-15 Please Don't Leave Me Keith Copeland 
11-08-15 He Cares For Us Bryson Williams 
11-01-15 It Is Very Important For You To Know Jesus Bill Copeland 
10-25-15 Stop Fighting & Start Praising Keith Copeland  
10-25-15 The Word Of GodBill Copeland
10-18-15 What Is The Word Of God? Keith Copeland 
10-18-15 My Pit Keith Chapman 
10-11-15 The Witnesses Bill Copeland 
09-20-15 Upheld Hands Keith Copeland 
09-20-15 The Lesser Light Bill Copeland 
08-02-15 The Meeting Place Bill Copeland 
07-26-15 Assurance Keith Chapman 
07-19-15 By Faith Bill Copeland
07-12-15 Arise Jacob Hill 
06-21-15 The Flesh Of Jesus Christ Johnny Copeland 
06-14-15 Understanding Keith Copeland 
06-14-15 By FaithBill Copeland 
05-31-15 The Man Whose Eyes Are Open Keith Copeland 
05-31-15 By Faith     Bill Copeland
05-10-15 Above All... Justin Bean 
05-10-15 Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled Brian Baldwin
04-26-15 A Little While Brent Leach
04-26-15 A Love Story Bill Copeland
04-19-15 What WIll It Take To Make You Quit? Keith Copeland 
04-19-15 The Sacrifice Bill Copeland 
04-12-15 Ask Of God Keith Copeland 
04-12-15 Its Time To Move Bryson Williams 
04-05-15 He Touched Me Keith Copeland 
04-05-15 Lot Bill Copeland 
03-22-15 He Filled The Hollow Part Keith Copeland 
03-22-15 The Father Of FaithBill Copeland 
03-08-15 Anointed    Keith Copeland 
03-08-15 Faith Bill Copeland
03-01-15 Take Up Thy Bed Keith Chapman 
03-01-15 Faith Bill Copeland
02-15-15 An Unguarded Strength Is A Double Weakness Keith Copeland 
02-15-15 FaithBill Copeland
02-01-15 Faith Bill Copeland 
01-25-15 Its Worth The WaitBill Copeland