"And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers;"
Ephesians 4:11

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07-02-17 Prepare A PlaceKeith Copeland 
06-25-17 RahabKeith Copeland 
06-25-17 Is There Enough Jesus About You? Bill Copeland 
06-11-17 Its Your Burden Keith Copeland 
06-11-17 Are You Walking Ahead Of Him Bryson Williams 
06-04-17 A Sound Of A Going Keith Copeland
06-04-17 For God So Loved The WorldBill Copeland 
05-07-17 Look What God Gave Me When He Saved Me From Hell Bill Copeland
04-30-17What Do You Want God To Do To You?Keith Copeland
04/09/17 The Price Of A Choice Keith Copeland 
04/09/17 Theres Room For One More Bryson Williams 
04/02/17 Where Is Your Faith? Keith Copeland 
04/02/17 The Spirit In Prison Bill Copeland 
03-12-17 What Are We Fighting For? Eric Daughtery 
03-05-17 I Am Keith Copeland 
03-05-17 Are You In Rest? Bill Copeland 
02-19-17 Gods Love Keith Chapman 
02-19-17 Inspiration Of The AlmightyBryson Williams 
01-22-17 ResistKeith Copeland 
01-22-17 We Are Already Married To Christ Bill Copeland 
01-15-17 Being In The Right Place So The Lord Can Use You Bill Copeland 
01-08-17 Thirsty No More Keith Copeland 
01-08-17 Let The Preferred Man Have His Way Braden Copeland 
01-01-17 Shut Up & ListenKeith Copeland 
01-01-17Knowing Eric Daughtery