"And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers;"
Ephesians 4:11

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11-27-16 Who Do You Say That He Is?Keith Copeland 
11-27-16 It Pays To Be Satisfied With God's Plan Bill Copeland 
11-20-16 God Knows All Sees All And Hears All Bill Copeland 
11-13-16 You Are Not Forgotten Keith Copeland 
11-13-16 The Part That Will Kill You Bryson Williams 
11-06-16 Truly This Was The Son Of God Keith Copeland 
11-06-16 Overcome The Wicked One Bill Copeland 
10-30-16 The Lord Is My Shepherd Keith Copeland 
10-30-16 Bearing The Cross & Stacking The Stones Keith Chapman 
10-09-16 The House That God Built Bill Copeland 
10-02-16 More Than Enough Keith Copeland 
10-02-16 The Right Hand Of God Bill Copeland 
09-04-16 Now Its Your Turn Keith Copeland 
09-04-16 Our God Is A Consuming Fire Bill Copeland 
08-28-16 Serve, Observe, Preserve, & Reserve Keith Copeland 
08-28-16 Give God The Glory & Praise Bill Copeland 
08-21-16 Eternal Life Bill Copeland 
08-14-16 There Is A Need Bryson Williams 
08-07-16 The Gift Of God Is Eternal Life Bill Copeland 
07-31-16 No Respect To Person Bill Copeland 
07-10-16 The Moment Keith Copeland 
06-19-16 Such A Time As ThisKeith Copeland 
06-19-16 We've Got An ExampleBill Copeland
06-12-16Stephen Keith Copeland 
06-12-16 Jesus Is Enough Keith Chapman 
06-05-16 The End Bill Copeland 
05-29-16The Prisoners Heard Them Keith Copeland 
05-29-16 The New Jerusalem Bill Copeland  
05-15-16 The Vessels Keith Copeland 
05-15-16 An All Seeing Eye Bill Copeland 
05-08-16 The Trench Keith Copeland 
05-08-16 Will You Come Also Bryson Williams 
05-01-16 Taking Up The MantleKeith Copeland 
05-01-16 The Glory Bill Copeland 
04-24-16 Boldness Keith Copeland 
04-24-16 Believed On In The WorldBill Copeland
04-10-16 Where Did He Go & What Did He SayKeith Copeland 
04-10-16 Seen Of Angels Bill Copeland 
04-03-16 Justified By The Spirit Bill Copeland 
03-06-16 How Do You Tell Someone About God Keith Copeland 
03-06-16 The Lord Prepared A Great Fish For Jonah Bryson Williams 
02-28-16My YokeKeith Copeland
02-28-16Without Controversy Is The Mystery Of Godliness Bill Copeland 
02-14-16GideonKeith Copeland 
02-14-16A Memorial For Our Children Justin Bean 
02-07-16Prepare Room For Him Keith Copeland  
02-07-16How Much Do We Know About The Name Of Jesus? Bill Copeland  
01-24-16We Have No Idea Keith Copeland  
01-24-16Do You Believe There Is A Perfect Man? Bill Copeland  
01-17-16Choices-Choosing The Good Part Keith Copeland 
01-17-16Being ConsistentBrian Baldwin 
01-03-16Don't Get To CloseKeith Copeland 
01-03-16The Lords PrayerBill Copeland