This website is an Informational Repository for the Pine Hills Community, Orange County US EPA Brownfields Grant.  As required by the Cooperative Agreement (BF-95481511-0) between Orange County and the US EPA, documents and studies that are produced as a result of this grant funding must be accessible to the public.
Orange County Florida received a $200,000 petroleum environmental assessment grant and a $200,000 hazardous substances assessment grant to conduct Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments on properties in the Pine Hills community.  The Brownfields Grant Team will work closely with the Pine Hills Neighborhood Improvement District Advisory Council to determine which properties have the highest potential for redevelopment in the community.
Orange County has developed a strategy for revitalizing the Pine Hills community and on December 20,  2011, the Orange County Board of County Commissioners (BCC) passed Ordinance 2011-21 establishing the Pine Hills Neighborhood Improvement District.  The Brownfields grant is one of the tools that will be used to promote revitalization in the community.   
Required Grant Documents
This section has documents that are required to be submitted to the EPA as a condition of using grant funding.  The grant application, the cooperative agreement, quarterly reports, the grant Work Plan and the Community Outreach Plan are located in this section.
Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

Assessment grants provide funding to inventory, characterize, assess, and conduct planning and community involvement related to brownfield sites.  Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) are conducted to identify past uses of a property to identify potential or existing environmental contamination.  This section contains the Phase I ESA reports that have been completed with this grant funding.     
Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

If the Phase I ESA identifies potential recognized environmental conditions on a property, then a Phase II ESA may be conducted at the site.  During a Phase II ESA, investigators will collect soil and groundwater samples to analyze for various contaminants.  This section contains the Phase II ESA reports that have been completed with this grant funding.
Other Documents

This section contains other documents and maps that were produced with this grant funding or by the Orange County Brownfield Program.
Site Inventory

The inventory of sites in the Pine Hills community considered for funding from this grant is located in this section.

 Analysis of Brownfield Cleanup Alternatives

This section contains documents that contain the site history of contamination issues; cleanup standards and applicable laws; discussion of the redevelopment alternatives considered and the proposed cleanup alternative.

If you have need more information regarding the Orange County US EPA Brownfield Assessment Grant, please contact:
Renee Parker
Orange County Environmental Protection Division
407-836-1420 or  
Jeff Peters
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