Construction of Raku Kiln

Bringing the Pieces Together
Pieces from two old electric kilns are combined together to make one, Propane burning Raku kiln.

This kiln is designed after some popular commercial models, with what I believe to be, some valuable modifications. First, I used a tripod support that is on wheels, for mobility. Second, the pullies and cable are located on the outside edge and out of line with the flue.

One of the most helpful resources in the modification OR renovation of two old electric kilns, for firing Raku, was Steve Branfman's "Raku-A Practical Approach. 2nd Edition"

The base of this kiln is one of the old lids, resting on a welded platform, 9" off the ground. The firebox (first ring) is set on top of that. The space inside the firebox is divided up with Insulating Fire Brick, which distributes the flame and supports the first shelf.

Attending to Points of Weakness

Banding that holds the stainless steel jacket together is replaced/reinforced with adjustable pipe/plumbing straps. And, one of the 9" rings is sacrificed to replace those bricks that are chipped and/or deteriorating.

Home Made Propane Burner
This burner is a Venturi type atmospheric air mixer. It is designed after recommendations discovered in Daniel Rhodes' book "Kilns" (p.183)

Finish Work
Cleaning up edges was made easy with a manipulated piece of wire cloth.

Cutting and Shaping Brick
Modifying the kiln for a gas burner was made easier with the help of a masonry drill bit and sheetrock saw.