Aid Stations

Drop bags can be left at Asaph and sent to Blackwell One hundred milers will see each of these twice. Drop bags can be brought to the start for distribution. Bags for Asaph will be taken to the trail side aid tent for the first pass through. This saves 200 yards walking to the parking area. Bags will be returned as stations close. They can be picked up at the start area before noon Sunday.

Here is where you will see your drop bags:

  • 0 Start/ Finish Asaph

  • 10.8 Return to Asaph

  • 30.7 Blackwell

  • 49.8 Asaph

  • 60.6 Asaph

  • 80.5 Blackwell

  • 100 Asaph Finish!!!!

There are 5 aid stations in all. You will pass all of them at least twice. The Course Details tab has more information. Please note, there is no crew access to Tiaghdaton.

Typical Aid Station fare will include:

  • M&M's

  • Candy bars (Snickers)

  • Oreos

  • Gummi Bears

  • Peanut butter, jelly, chicken, cheese sandwiches (Not necessarily one sandwich)

  • Granola bars

  • Fig Newtons

  • Pretzel sticks

  • Peanuts

  • Fruit; oranges, bananas, grapes

  • Boiled potatoes and salt

  • Water

  • Electrolyte drink, probably Gatorade

  • Coke

  • Mountain Dew

  • Later on; coffee, hot chocolate, tea, hot soup, toasted cheese sandwiches.

New for the 2018 Pine Creek Challenge!!!!!!!

Because we are people who enjoy and appreciate the nature around us, we will take a big step toward making less impact on the environment. We are going cupless this year!!

We use a lot of paper cups and make a lot of trash using paper cups for water and Gatorade and Coke at the aid stations. We live in fear someone will blame us for any cups or trash found along the trail, even though our runners are conscientious about making sure their waste is safely left at the aid station.

We will give each runner a Salomon collapsible soft cup in their swag bag.

We will still have bowls for soup and hot food and cups for coffee. We are listening to the runners’ comments and are trying to put on a better event each year.

We can’t improve on the awesome scenery or the great trail, but we can make less waste.