Big BEAUTIFUL Pair of Barn Doors in Savannah. CYPRESS WOOD! SOLD!
Several of the 3 panel doors in various sizes 26 1/2 to 32" all are 6'-8" h 
Great Pair of Tall French Doors  17 3/4" w (ea Dr) x 96" tall . In excellent condition.  SOLD!

Just in, several nice pairs of narrow French Doors . 
These 2 Pairs   The shorter Pr on Rt. is 16 7/8" w (ea Dr) x 81 1/2"h SOLD!

TWO pair of these nice Oak 2 light doors. Were store doors in old Broughton St, Savannah shop from the 1930's in excellent condition 
each door 23 1/2"w x 79"h  $190.00 pair

2 Pair (4) of these Great Pine 6 Vertical Panel Doors w/ applied molding. Each door is :
 45"w x 106"High $700.00 each  SOLD!


Shown here BUSY in process of Restoring this GREAT Oversized DECO Oak Door. This Door is from the Old Savannah, GA  Greyhound Bus Station.  All Original Hardware, kickplate, and Letter Slot.
STILL has it's " Air-Conditioned " painted sign on the bottom of 1/4" thick glass.

Several of these fully louvered old heavy pine doors in several sizes and even pairs.  From about 16 - 36"wide in 
 Greensboro   $ varies due to size. 

Unusual 12 Panel Pine door with view window 36 x 83" in Greensboro. $225.00

A Great Victorian Door with 2 Etched Greek Key Glass
Panels and 2 Lower Wood Panels, Oversized 44"w x 88"H
w/ cut mail slot in center   $850.00

A Pair of Great Oversized Raised Panel, Pocket Doors each door 44"w x 98"h x 2" thick 6 Panel Vertical
Heart of Pine Wood   $900.00 Pr.  SOLD!

Nice Oversized tall Oak Door. We have several of these from the 1960's
 36"w x 88" ht. really nice as doors or for
building furniture.   $325.00 ea SOLD!

Two Doors from the old Mulberry Inn in Savannah, GA
1 Etched with Mulberry Room the other with Courtyard Cafe'
& Several with full glass and without etching
$325.00 each

Wonderful! This is an East Lake Walnut Door Partition with GREAT old glass. It has a matching 
Twin Operable DOOR with Pediment and trim & hardware. A great find! 
$850 each SOLD

We Have Many single & Pairs of 
French Doors - 12 & 15 Lights. Also 4 & 6 light Victorian 
Call or email us for sizes & what is available! 

Nice Old 38" x 6'-10" Barn Door with Hinges and Latch 
$325.00 in Greensboro

6 light over 2 Vertical Panel Entry Door 
36"w x 83"h 

Over Sized Odd Georgia 5 Panel Door 42" x 94" Heart of Pine 
$395.00 in Greensboro
We have several other sizes of this Design

Great Old Lattice Sliding Door w/ Original Hardware! 
8'-6"w x 8'-6"H x 2 3/4"t 
$600.00 SOLD

Wonderful BLUE painted Heart of Pine 4 Panel door
Terrific color! 
$175.00 in Greensboro

Nice Pr of Arch Opening Colonial doors with strap hardware 
and wrought iron pulls heart of Pine doors 
38"w x 80"h 
In Greensboro

Just In! Several Great 5 Panel Heart of Pine Doors. 
This One is Oversize 42"w x 7'-4"H 
Other Sizes Available

Pair of Single Light Store Doors
36 x 84

Applique applied over clear glass, comes right off.
Original 1/4" thick glass.
See These in Greensboro

Set of Dutch Colonial Entry Doors
Prehung in Frame
Transom over doors has iron grille insert (shown sitting on ground beside door).
52"W overall x 11'9"H x 3.5" thick frame

These are now fully Restored
see them in Greensboro

Pair of Painted Pine Store Doors
60" w x 82.5"H
$500.00 as is

We have SEVERAL Pair of these old "store" doors. Sizes vary, in  Greensboro

Handsome 4 Raised Panel Door
36"W x 95"H

Beautiful Craftsman Door w/ Stained Glass, Iron Studs, Iron Mail Slot 36"w x 83"ht. 
$2100.00  SOLD!

Basic 6 Even Panel Interior Door
34 x 6'-8"

Thick Colonial 6-Panel Door
in Greensboro

MANY SCREEN DOOR sizes and types are available 
Call or email for and update on what we have! 

                         Beautiful 2 over 2 Farm Door
                        GREAT Wavy Original Glass 
                             30"w x 82 1/2"H x 1 3/8"t 
                                IN GREENSBORO

Front Side with Arch and Applied Trim and Faux Grained . Back side,rectangular beveled panel on this PAIR of beautiful Heart of Pine doors. This is a rare and wonderful set of doors with Rim Lock and knobs. Oversized each door 36 x approx 86"t 

Great barn door of T & G Pine 34"w x 77 1/2"h
in Greensboro $325.00

Have several of these 1 beveled panel Miracle doors on front side, with mirrors on the back side. in Various sizes in Savannah & Greensboro. They are great for closets, dressing & bathrooms. Mirrors in good condition. Sizes Vary.

Several of these great 4 panel doors with multi color buttermilk paint in very tight 
Southern Heart of Pine Price and Sizes vary
most @ $155.00 & up
Beautiful 5 Panel Grained Door 34w X 95"H 
In Greensboro

Nice 36 x 81" 9 Light, Cross Panel Barn Door of Heart of Pine

4 Panel door with applied molding, Heart of Pine 
in great condition
$245.00 in Greensboro

BIG Barn Door Slider! Nice Crispy White paint remaining on Pine.   In good condition. 
9'-w x 8'H 
$850.00  in GREENSBORO

This is a GREAT Shutter Door for Display. It has Original Top and Bottom Solid Panels
with Center Louvers. Great Old Crispy Patina and has an added top Shelf with Iron
Brackets and 2 Large Iron Brackets on the Base to Make it Free Standing with 
an 18" Sunflower 5 hook rack in the center. It was a Floral/Garden Display Piece and is as
CUTE as can be! A Great Piece for Store Display. 

2 Vertical Panel Pine Craftsman Interior Door
30"W x 76 1/8"H
find this in Greensboro

2 Vertical Panel Pine Craftsman Interior Door
several in Savannah & Greensboro
34"W x 80.75"H( sizes vary)

Many other 5 Panel Doors in stock
Savannah & Greensboro

So called, being the first door constructed with one panel - a miracle indeed.
each roughly 36"W x 84"H with slight variations. These Doors are Walnut! 
$165.00 each

 4 remaining in Greensboro

8 Panel Entry Door with Spot for Peephole.
Reverse side painted.

                               Victorian Arched Pair of Double Doors Pine & Grooved Panel    2 Pair Available                $1200.00 per Pr


3-Panel Solid Mahogany Interior Door
27.75" W x 81"H

3-over-3 Vertical Panel Doors
35.5"W x 83"H
$175.00 each