Cell culture expertise

PinCell’s core competence is drug discovery, mainly derived from a long-lasting and close interaction between clinical work and basic research.     PinCell's Laboratories have also a special skill in skin cell cultures and in cellular disease models such as skin equivalents and the spheroids         technique which enables to recapitulate several diseases in 3-D, including melanoma, psoriasis and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC). Therefore,        PinCell provides in vitro toxicology, skin barrier perturbation and functional studies services in 2 and 3D models.

Cytotoxicity study in 2D culture models

Tests of cytotoxicity in vitro according to the
ISO 10993-5 parameters on primary keratinocytes and fibroblasts:

  • Qualitative analysis:         (morphological evaluation directly           on cells in situ by inverted optical microscope observation)
  • Quantitative analysis:                      study of cell proliferation/viabilty              


Study of skin barrier repair in 3D culture models

Studies of epidermal barrier repair using
two  organ culture models with barrier perturbation:
  1. Tape Stripping model                  (mechanical approach)
  2. SDS model                                   (chemical approach)
  • Evaluation of barrier thickness              
  • Lipid analysis                                       
  • Intercellular junction expression            
  • Cellular differentiation markers      expression
  • Apotosis and cell proliferation analysis         
  • Innate immunity modulation:                     analysis of keratinocytes, dendritic cells   and lymphocytes, antimicrobial protein expression                                         

Functional studies in 2 and 3D culture models

Tests in monolayer cultures (2D) of keratinocytes/fibroblasts/myofibroblasts/melanocytes:
  • cell viability,
  • proliferation,
  • adhesion,
  • migration,
  • stem cell assay
Specialized assay in skin equivalent and multicellular spheroid models                     (disease 3D models for psoriasis, SCC, melanoma).