Matthew Class

Matthew, part 1: Advent, Christmas, and Life of Christ

Taught by Dr. Lionel Alford


Matthew is a marvelous piece of Greek historical literature that is a primary source document for our understanding of the life and words of Christ.  Matthew is one of the four extant and accepted Gospels—Good News.  It is a Greek document written by men from the Hebrew culture who were observant Jews.  In the overview of the Gospels we discovered that Mathew is a thesis and logical argument—a logos to telos that was resolved only through the resurrection of Christ.  This Gospel revealed and defined the Messianic covenant of God and gave a proof text to it.  In Matthew part 1, we will review the Greek basis for the Gospel and then make an extensive cultural, social, linguistic, and historical study of it.  This study will take us through the Advent and Christmas season as well as the early part of Christ’s life.  This will set us up for Matthew part 2 where we will do the same through Advent and Lent to see the rest of the life, crucifixion and resurrection of Christ.
This is a class in the New Testament document The Gospel of Matthew.  This class is not about theology or doctrine, but only looks at the culture, history, and language of The Gospel of Matthew.  In general, this is an extensive study of the work in terms of ancient classical and Koine' Greek.  Koine' Greek that is the "universal" language of the times, and classical Greek because it is the basis for the Koine' understandings.  In this class, we basically discover what the Greek actually says and culturally and historically what it means.