About Us

The Pilot Club of St. Augustine*, as part of Pilot International's Florida District, fully 

embraces Pilot International's Mission "to influence positive change in communities 

throughout the world.  To do this we come together in friendship and service".  

Our Club strives to meet Pilot International's Mission by:

  • Preparing youth and young adults for community service and leadership through sponsoring and participating with Anchor club(s) and 4H.
  • Awarding a variety of local scholarships.  Please view the Scholarships page for more details on local scholarships and information on Pilot International scholarships.
  • Educating and encouraging brain safety and health through "Brain Minder" puppet shows for children and providing bike helmets as well as bike helmet fittings.
  • Supporting and recognizing those who care for others by showing appreciation and/or providing relief to care givers.  
  • Supporting the Laura Vicuna Orphanage in Equador.

Contact us through PilotClubofStAugustine@yahoo.com.

Visit us on Facebook at St. Augustine Pilot Club

Mail us at:
Pilot Club of St. Augustine
PO Box 3761
St. Augustine, Florida 32085

*The Pilot Club of St. Augustine is a 501(c)3 organization.