2009 11-20 Whetstone Fest.

Jyri Erik Kork, Mauno Kork, Priit Vesilind, Jeff Zelek
Kulli Pitsal, Kadri Kallas, Anu Oinas, Laila Oinas, Sirli Hill, Karen Heilman & mascot Hagan

Pillerkaar, Estonian Folk Dancers of the Washington, DC Metro Area, performed at the Whetstone Elementary School in Gaithersburg, Maryland on the 20th of November 2009, at their annual "Interational Night" event.  Small tables were set up from each country and decorated with the country map, flag, traditional crafts, and traditional food.  Karen Heilman, a teacher at Whetstone is of Estonian descent and coordinated the Estonian table and folk dancing program by Pillerkaar.  The audience participation was astounding and included clapping and cheering to the steps of the dances.  The show was a success and Pillerkaar performed riveting dances for both parents and children alike. 
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Pillerkaar performed the following dances:

Vigala Reinlender      

Vigala Reinlender Nov 2009

Polka Burlesk  

Polka Burlesk Nov 2009

Jõgeveste polka
Vanaema venna polka

The dancers were:

Kadri Kallas & Jeff Zelek
Karen Heilman & Mauno Kork 
Kulli Pitsal & Jyri Erik Kork
Sirli Hill & Priit Vesilind

Choreographer & Instructor:  Anu Oinas
Video:  Lila Sheon and Laila Oinas
Photography:  Anu Oinas

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