2014 Sept Scanfest

On August 31, 2014, Pillerkaar, Estonian olk Dancers of the Washington DC Metro Area, led by Anu Oinas, performed two sets of traditional Estonian folk dances at the 30th anniversary of the Scandinavian Festival held annually at Vasa Park, in Budd Lake, NJ. 

A warm hearted Pillerkaar dancer, Andrus Kiik, proudly marched with the Estonian Flag to the opening ceremonies of Scanfest where a group of seven dauntless Pillerkaar dancers sang the beautiful Estonian anthem (Mauno & Jyri Erik Kork, Jeff Zelek, Age Landra Robinson, Kati Kuld, and Eve & Lauri Tisler). 

The dancing performers were Andrus & Kelsey Kiik, Jyri Erik & Mauno Kork, Kati Kuld, Laila Oinas, Age Landra Robinson, Eve Tisler, Kadri & Jeff Zelek.  They danced seven vigorous Estonian folk dances:  Vigala reinlender, Tule aga tule, Külavalss, Oige ja vasemba, Kosjalugu, Kosjatants, and the exit dance called Vanaema venna polka!

The weather held up nicely through 86 degree heat until three pm, just when Pillerkaar began their second performance set, when torrents of rain fell on the Longhouse Pavilion under which sat over a hundred onlookers who were plummeted by a wall of rain falling just outside the open pavilion.  It rained so hard that water washed right on the dancing floor and the riveting feet of the Pillerkaar dancers were splashed in puddles of water.  Neither rain nor shine could hinder the performance and the crowd cheered unremittingly until the end!  But God was good and broke the sun through the clouds just in time for the wife carrying contest in which the nephew of Anu Oinas, the instructor/choreographer of Pillerkaar (Nick Stroud and his gal Chelsea Andersson) won second place! The Estonians are making a comeback in this race!  Let's get more Estonians to go next year!

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