April 2017 Windmills International Dance Festival

Scanfest 2014
Scanfest 2014, Budd Lake, NJ
NATO Festival 2012 Norfolk, VA
Pillerkaar has more than 30 years of experience performing Estonian folk dances at both U.S. and international venues with hundreds of performances. The group has choreographed riveting programs and, most importantly, passed on many nuggets of Estonian culture and tradition.

Pillerkaar is a folk dance ensemble initiated by Anu Oinas in 1971 comprised of Estonians, people of Estonian descent, people who are married to Estonians, and friends of Estonians.

NATOS CUP Winners!

2009 Scanfest, Budd Lake, NJ
Mauno Kork, Jyri Erik Kork, Priit Vesilind, Jeff Zelek, Talvar Tari, Nick Stroud, Laila Oinas, Age Landra Robinson, Karen Heilman, Sirli Hill, Kadri Kallas, Aun Oinas, Kulli Pitsal

2009 Bowie Festival, Bowie, MD
Sirli Hill, Priit Vesilind, Karen Heilman, Jyri Erik Kork, Laila Oinas and Hagan, Anu Oinas, Mauno Kork, Kadri Kallas.  Jeff Zelek.
1988 ESTO 88 Melbourne, Australia

While we dance to preserve the Estonian folk dancing tradition here in North America where we live, we get together each week because dancing is fun and good for the soul!  Folk dance was originally created by villagers who passed the dancing tradition to future generations.  Dancing transcends age, language, culture and is a celebration of the human spirit!  From the pictures here, one can see that we always dance in national dress to preserve our culture, tradition, and heritage.

What's the Best about Pillerkaar?

I recently heard a new member say "I love this group because you don't have to be Estonian or be great dancer; nobody judges you, and everybody is so, so nice!"