A Pilgrim's Catechism

The Occasional Thoughts of a 21st-Century Roman Catholic on Journey

Towards the Reign of God 


 Giovanni Bellini:  St. Fransic in Ecstasy

Can a human being interact with God?


God in every moment reveals himself and offers a share in his life to every human person.  That is what defines humanity.


When the person responds, in proportion to the response, the person is caught up in the inner life of God which is one of giving, receiving and loving.


God, however, is unchanging and does not respond in turn.  In his one eternal act that his is being, God’s offer to grow in his life remains constant and the human person is challenged in the successive created moment to accept it more fully and to grow in the divine life more completely.


Since God is boundless, growth in his life can never be exhausted, even in the world to come.




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