A Pilgrim's Catechism

The Occasional Thoughts of a 21st-Century Roman Catholic on Journey

Towards the Reign of God 

Vladimir BARANOV-ROSSINÉ (1888-1944): Adam and Eve, Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid

Does God create them male and female?


The opening chapter of the Book of Genesis tells us that God created humankind in his own image, male and female God created them.  Down through the centuries a fundamental distinction of male and female has been honoured both in religion and science.  In the mid-twentieth century, cracks began to appear in that understanding, especially in the western world.  Individuals began to express themselves as having a deep and disturbing sense of not belonging totally to either gender.  Some, physically male, argued that they were really women and vice-versa.  Same gender sexual orientation, long hidden away as a subject not to be openly discussed, likewise became a public issue.  Physicians introduced medical procedures to assist individuals to find themselves gender-wise.  In the developed countries of the West, psychology and medicine removed homosexuality from the category of abnormality and malfunction.  In a number of religious communities, many, long ignored or shunned, were finally being recognized and accepted as truly gifted children of God.  It would seem today that, yes, God does create them male and female, but not the dichotomy once thought, rather a complex and varied spectrum stretching from Adam to Eve.   




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