Pydev stuff

A Pydev script for rewrapping the current paragraph to fit inside the print
margin preference in Eclipse (defaults to 80 columns).  A paragraph is a block
of lines with a common leading string such as '# ' or a number of spaces. The
lines in the newly wrapped paragraph will all have the same leading string as
the original paragraph.

Usage: Position cursor inside paragraph to be rewrapped and hit <ctrl+2>, w

Caveats:  Embedded tabs are always replaced by single spaces.
          Does not wrap if the cursor is within the first line of a docstring.
          Wrap Paragraph makes simple assumptions about paragraphs.  Check your
          results, <ctrl-Z> will undo the last rewrap.

download: (version 0.1.1 - alpha 21 May 2006)

This article tells you how to setup a Pydev Jython script in Eclipse: Fabio's scripting manual